Gifthütte Kaufbeuren - gmiatlich, ghörig, guat

Steak lovers get their money's worth - we use only the best quality meat directly from the Allgäu.

Our young bull meat, which we obtain from the butcher's shop Baur (Ronsberg), comes from adult, young, male, uncastrated animals under 2 years of age. The meat has a light colour and medium-fine fibre structure.

Rump steak:
It comes from the lower part of the rump and is a somewhat firmer meat.
The fine marbling gives this steak its hearty taste.
The rump steak can be partially interspersed with a tendon.

Sirloin steak:
Stems from the back and has an even, fine marbling.
It is more tender than the rump steak and the risk of hitting a tendon is much lower.

Fillet steak:
The fillet is a tender, long muscle strand. This muscle area is hardly used
and therefore the meat is particularly lean and tender.

Our cooking levels for beef steaks (core temperature, approximate data): English: 42 °C      medium: 55 °C      pink: 65 °C      through: 75 °C

The same applies to all beef steaks:

It is an absolutely natural product! Please do not let the colouring influence the cooking stage too much! Well-hung meat can sometimes no longer look "English", but it is tender as butter and still has the right temperature. In addition, it can of course be roasted further along the edge than in the middle of the steak. Our temperatures are approximate and refer to the steak center!

We obtain the turkey meat from the Burchardt-Mayer poultry farm (Fuchstal-Asch) from species-appropriate breeding and husbandry.




Put your own steak together:

Choose type & size of meat: 

Turkey steak 180g 9,00 €


rump steak  250g 11,00 €
sirloin steak 180g 12,00 €
                      250g 15,00 €
                     380g 20,00 €
fillet steak 180g 19,00 €



Putensteak 180g   9,00 €


Hüftsteak       250g  11,00 €
Lendensteak   180g  12,00 €
                       250g  15,00 €
                       380g  20,00 €
Filetsteak       180g  19,00 €

Choose a suitable sauce / dip:
A sauce / dip is already included in the steak price, for each additional one we charge 1,00 €.

- Herb Butter
- Berry chutney
- Pepper dip
- Slightly spicy poison hut dip BBQ style
- Honey mustard dip

Sauces in a jug:
- fried onion & gravy
- Rosemary and pepper sauce

Now one more side dish - or several - then your steak is complete!

- Baked potato with herb sour cream 4,00 €
- French fries 4,00 €
- Sweet potato chips 4,00 €
- Fried potatoes 4,00 €

- spaetzle 4,00 €
- Kässpätzle 6,00 €

- garlic baguette 4,00 €
- herb baguette 4,00 €
- Baguette natural 3,00 €

- pan-fried vegetables 6,00 €
- small salad plate 4,00 €
- large salad plate 6,00 €