Gifthütte Kaufbeuren - gmiatlich, ghörig, guat

A fine espresso after a meal or a tea to warm up - we have a varied selection.

From Kaufbeurer Kaffee - Fair Trade from the world shop:

Haferl coffee cream 3,00 €

Coffee with milk 3,50 €

Our espresso is also Fair Trade from organic farming:

Cappuccino  3,50 €

Espresso  2,50 €

Double Espresso 3,50 €

Espresso Corretto (mit Grappa)  4,00 €

Espresso Macchiato  3,00 €

Latte Macchiato  3,50 €

Nut-Nougat-Latte 4,50 €

All coffee & espresso drinks are also available decaffeinated!

Drinking chocolate 0,2 l 3,50 €

P.S. Even our milk is "fair trade": Bavarian & fair trade!

And what about tea?


Our teas:

Darjeeling Pussimbing black tea - aromatic, fresh and fragrant, light cup
Chai black tea - spice mixture strong, spicy and typical Indian
Japan Sencha green tea - invigoratingly fresh, light green cup colour
China-Wuyuan Jasmine Green Tea - finest, soft and fragrant jasmine tea of superior quality
Gourmet Herbal Herbal Tea - sweetish soft organic herbal blend with lemon notes and vanilla aromas
Hot & Innig Flavoured Fruit Tea - fruity and tangy mix of raspberries and strawberries, rounded off with a touch of vanilla

per cup 2,50 €